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We specialize in attic and crawlspace mold removal, new construction mold prevention and indoor air quality odor solutions.

Proudly serving Victoria & Nanaimo!

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Mold Victoria

Attic & Crawlspace

Mold Removal

Mold Victoria

Sports Gear

No more Odour, Bacteria, and Infections. Game Time !

Mold Victoria


Turn Mold into Sold !

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Home Purification

Proprietary Ozone treatments to make your home Healthy!

Mold Victoria

New Construction

Prevention is better than Cure.


Medallion Healthy Homes

We turn Mold into SOLD !

Medallion Healthy Homes now has locations in Victoria & Nanaimo specializing in attic and crawlspace mold removal, new construction mold prevention and indoor air quality odor solutions. We proudly service Vancouver Island and offer the best warranties in the business.


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I am a Council member for VIS 3943, a townhouse strata with 40 units. Over the past year, it was brought to our attention that several of our units had developed a mould problem in the attics. This resulted in getting quotes from three companies, certified in mould remediation. Strata Council made the decision to contract with Medallion Healthy Homes.

Mark McArthur, owner of Medallion Healthy Homes, was tasked with not only re-mediating this situation, but was asked to determine the cause of this problem and make recommendations on how to prevent in future. Eight of our townhouses were affected with mould, some worse then others. Mark’s company was able to remediate all of the units in question as well as providing solutions on the root cause. This resulted in adding additional roof vents, ensuring that baffling in place to hold back insulation from soffit areas, was adequate, as well as ensuring that venting from bathrooms, kitchens, etc in attic spaces, were properly connected. Mark and his team completed this task in a very timely fashion and our Strata is very pleased to date with the results. I would be more then pleased to recommend Medallion Healthy Homes as a very reliable company in the area of mould remediation and I can be contacted at any time for further information, if required.

Ron Gaudet - Strata at Aldersmith Woods

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