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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Home Owner's Checklist

Your safety is our priority


Evacuate All People

No one may be present during the treatment of your home.

Remove Pets

All pets must be relocated from the home for the duration of the treatment.

Remove Sensitive Plants and Precious Possessions

If you have delicate plants, sensitive artwork or possessions that are irreplaceable you may want to remove them from the area to be treated.

Special Problem Areas

Please notify us prior to the scheduled treatment appointment of any special problem areas (i.e. concentrated pet odours, etc.) in order that we are prepared to give them special attention.


Remove all bedding from mattresses, including the mattress pad or cover.


Open all closet doors to maximize circulation. Separate the hanging clothes as much as possible to allow for better penetration.


Open drawers and cupboards so all areas receive maximum exposure.

Furnace Filters

For the best results, these should always be changed or at least cleaned.

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