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 Attics & Crawlspace

Our Products Are Scientifically Proven & Environmentally Sound


A visual inspection of the attic or crawlspace is required to fully understand the cause of the mold and determine the scope of work involved. We will then provide a written quote to the client for the project.

The treatment process involves addressing the root cause of the moisture intrusion, removing the mold staining with our proprietary mold stain removal product followed by a spray – on application of Anabec’s Advanced Cleaning Solution.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Inspect and address the root cause of the moisture intrusion

Apply our very own proprietary mold stain remover

A spray-on application of Anabec’s Advanced cleaning solution

To The Root of The Problem.

Not every mold problem needs to be addressed with the costly rip and replace option. The Anabec solution kills the mold and provides a microbial barrier so effective they guarantee it! – Industry leading warranties are available. Call us for details.

Anabec products are safe, scientifically proven and environmentally sound. They are members of the US Green Building Council and have been pioneers in health-based microbial products since 1995. We have chosen to partner with Anabec because we truly believe that their products and methodology combine to offer the best solution at affordable prices.

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