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New Construction

Our Products Are Scientifically Proven & Environmentally Sound

New Construction Mold Prevention

Recent media reports have confirmed mould is a serious issue in home construction. It can cause serious health problems, especially for people at high risk. Builders need a solution and Medallion Healthy Homes has the answer – Anabec New Build 50.

New Build 50 > is both a cleaner and a microbial sealant that shields and shelters new construction materials from mold, mildew and bacteria on treated surfaces. NewBuild 50 can be applied to both structure and drywall and is backed by a 50-year warranty when applied by a trained applicator. In addition, it is a fraction of the cost of fixing a mold problem after a house is completed.

Product characteristics and Benefits

  • Cleans and removes mold, mildew, algae and bacteria growth on surfaces

  • Penetrates rather than coats

  • One-step process

  • Extremely cost effective

  • Extended warranties available

  • Available in clear or other translucent colours

  • Less labour, less tim

  • Can be used as a primer coat

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