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Turning Mold into Sold

As a realtor, you have probably experienced this scenario. You have finally reached the point you have worked so hard for. After hours of effort, you have brought the buyer and seller together on an agreed price. The home inspection is complete, and then you get the call. The home inspector has reported mold in the attic and the buyer wants that addressed… Now!

Have you planned ahead for this event or is it time for you to Panic?

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Mold is impacting the real estate market for several reasons:

  • Building practices are actually increasing the incidence of fungal growth
  • The problem is a lot more common than people think
  • Public awareness is growing rapidly on these issues
  • Litigation is also on the rise

A Home That Smells Doesn’t Sell!

Your clients love the home – but what is that smell? Foul odours can kill the deal – But is that a reason to walk away?

Why risk it when the professionals at Medallion Healthy Homes can help you make sure that the sale is final. We offer one of the safest and most effective methodologies for purifying a home of cigarette smoke, foul odours, allergens, VOC’s, airborne mold spores and other indoor air pollutants.

Our Home Purification Treatment should be on the to-do list for any future home sale.

Why risk it when first impressions only happen once!

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