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Ron Gaudet - Strata at Aldersmith Woods

I am a Council member for VIS 3943, a townhouse strata with 40 units. Over the past year, it was brought to our attention that several of our units had developed a mould problem in the attics. This resulted in getting quotes from three companies, certified in mould remediation. Strata Council made the decision to contract with Medallion Healthy Homes.

Mark McArthur, owner of Medallion Healthy Homes, was tasked with not only re-mediating this situation, but was asked to determine the cause of this problem and make recommendations on how to prevent in future. Eight of our townhouses were affected with mould, some worse then others. Mark’s company was able to remediate all of the units in question as well as providing solutions on the root cause. This resulted in adding additional roof vents, ensuring that baffling in place to hold back insulation from soffit areas, was adequate, as well as ensuring that venting from bathrooms, kitchens, etc in attic spaces, were properly connected. Mark and his team completed this task in a very timely fashion and our Strata is very pleased to date with the results. I would be more then pleased to recommend Medallion Healthy Homes as a very reliable company in the area of mould remediation and I can be contacted at any time for further information, if required.

Wade Paul - Happy Customer

I just wanted to thank you guys for the great job your company did on my car and my hockey gear. As you know my car had 3 yrs of Hockey gear and Wet Wet dog. My goalie gear smells brand new and my car actually has no smell at all. It just smells clean!!!! I can’t believe I lived with that smell for so long, what an amazing product you have……. I am going to tell all my friends.

In a couple months, I am sure the gear will go bad, you will be the first I call. As for the car, I am thinking a yearly visit would not be out of line. Even my dog likes the new car smell!

Thanks again, I look forward to doing business with you again. You guys do good work!

James Scott - Greggs Marine Interiors

On behalf of all of us at Greggs Marine Interiors Ltd., we would like to thank you for the tremendous work you guys did to help us recover from the fire we suffered last February. As you saw for yourself, the fire damage to our office was extreme – even in the areas that did not burn the smoke and water damage was almost beyond belief.

In particular, we were astonished at how you were able to restore our invaluable files and papers, the lifeblood of any business. Thirty years of papers were rendered absolutely unusable from the acrid smell of smoke – we could not even sort through them, never mind think of bringing them into our new workplace. After enlisting Medallion to treat them with your ozone machines, we were amazed to find they had no smoke smell at all – if anything they had a noticeably clean, fresh scent. It has been several months now and we have been able to keep these files as part of our ongoing operations with no problems at all. We had the same similar experience in treating our office equipment, tools, and even the fishing gear I had left in my office!

A fire such as this can be among the most devastating and depressing events one could ever imagine. The service and support of companies such as yours make it possible to get back on your feet and carry on. We can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend Medallion Healthy Homes to anyone that finds themselves in these same unfortunate circumstances.

I know you’ve probably heard it many times, but you really were “a breath of fresh air” when we needed it!


Grace Wilson & Nelson Antoine - Happy Customer

I have to say how extremely impressed my husband and myself are with Medallion Healthy Homes and the ozone treatment done in our home. We had ventilation problems which caused us to have a mold problem. This, in turn, caused us to be living in a ‘sick home’ and resulted in our 16-month-old son being admitted to hospital in respiratory distress, and asthma as a result. Our son was put on puffers and sent home after 3 days. Shortly after that the guys from Medallion Healthy Homes came and quickly got our home and mold problem under control. This gave us time to repair the ventilation problems, but in that time, our son’s breathing was drastically improved, my breathing was better as well.

My son and I are in the home all day, so that is why we really noticed an improvement. Our home smelt fresh and ‘light’. Even the contractor doing the work (Mac Renovation) was extremely impressed and keeps saying how ‘he can’t believe the difference in the air quality in our home’. I agree completely with him!! The team at Medallion was very professional, helpful and quick to respond to our needs in our home. The report they gave us on the air testing helped in the care for our son. The report was very factual and very complete! I am extremely impressed with everything done for us by the Medallion.

Mark and Mike, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and home for all that you’ve done for us!! I will definitely be in touch in the future if and when the need arises. If you ever need a testimonial, I am more than willing to give that for you. Again, I couldn’t be happier with you guys and the results you gave us!

Thank you again.

Carol Livingstone / Fred Lerch - Remax Camosun Realty

Fred and I are busy realtors in Victoria and have never experienced a system quite like yours. Your gift certificate for the use of your Medallion Healthy Homes System was very much appreciated. We had a beautiful house listed for sale in a great location and the number one concern for all potential buyers was that the house smelled stale and of cigarette smoke. Fred had heard of your system and we decided to try it.

The Medallion Healthy Homes System really made an incredible difference and we know that our decision to choose you to ozonate the home was the reason we made a sale the next day! We have recently followed up with the new owner, and after living there for 3 months she tells us the air in the home is still fresh and clean. We have recommended your services to other realtors and we will not hesitate to use the ozone treatment again!


Anna Clemente - Royal Lepage Coast Capital Realty

I heard about Medallion Healthy Homes at a sales meeting it our Royal Lepage Coast Capital – Chatterton office. A few months later I had a listing, in a great area that had been completely renovated but was having a difficult time selling.

Since the home had been vacant for many months during the winter it started to get a stale smell to it. I felt that it was hindering the value of the home.

I called Mike at Medallion and received excellent service. I was very impressed with their professional and knowledgeable service.

I would highly recommend Mike and Medallion Healthy Homes if I had a situation with any kind of air quality in a home.

Thank you.

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