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The Truth about Ozone.

The Medallion Methodology; as I have stated earlier, nothing was left to chance. This was not a haphazard venture nor did it happen overnight. Dealing with Indoor Air Pollution presents new and endless complex problems. Creating a clean ozone generator was the first challenge. The trial and error involved in creating the prescribed Methodology, that which now seems simple enough, was indeed complex. However, as I said before, it was worth it!

Since then there has been an endless volume of people trying to jump on the bandwagon, attempting to profit from this Methodology and trying, to no avail, to copy and employ the same formula that we publish and use. One factor remains true; they do not have the Medallion Generation System, the heart of the Medallion Methodology.

In the course of their endeavors, a huge amount of misinformation is disseminated. My primary concern is that other ozone generators inferior to Medallion Ozone Generation machines are being sold to the public and service people. These people are not properly informed or trained in the use and application of the equipment. Ozone is a toxic gas and must be employed with the utmost respect. This is the primary reason I made the decision, early on, not to sell directly to the private consumer because proper training is paramount when using this equipment.

FACT: It’s Simple: If the generator produces enough ozone to kill fungus, insects, etc., then rest assured that it will be detrimental to a human’s health! Yet you never see WARNINGS that require protective eyewear, earplugs, and a self-contained breathing apparatus. Isn’t this recklessness? When purveyors say, “here it is, it’s cheap, take it and use it, it will make everything better,” knowing that it is a toxic gas and therefore presents a danger to you! You should become immediately alert when a purveyor says, “Set it up, plug it in, turn it on, and let it run for a few hours and that will do it.”

NOT SO FAST! Set it up, turn it on, and let it build up a concentration of ozone to destroy Indoor Air Pollution! Now it has to be turned off! Hold your breath while you run into the house to turn it off? It simply cannot be safely done, to say nothing of your ears, eyes, throat, actually the entire body, being exposed to high concentrations of ozone.

SCARY? It should be because these are facts. Oh, it’s been said “put it on a timer.” Then how sure are you of toxic strengths of ozone without measuring it with a calibrated ozone sensor to make sure that it is safe for re-occupancy? This is to say nothing of the other toxic residue left behind by an inferior ozone generator.

How about purging the excess ozone after the application? The usual response is, “nobody told me about any of this.” In the process of marketing ozone generation devises, there are a lot of things that people are not told. Many manufacturers advertise the high ozone output of their machines. “Gee, nobody told me that ozone is used in the pulp industry to bleach the very white paper that I have in my hand.” That’s what makes it so white, the “bleaching.” Too high of an ozone concentration can bleach carpets, furnishings, bed spreads, etc. Nobody told you that either. They, the unknowing, are left hanging; they were simply not told by those who sell ozone generators to the service industry and to the public.

It is not unusual to see statements of ozone output in ambiguous terms. Ozone is universally measured by Gram output, (See attached Medallion Ozone Generators-Ozone Output Production Levels) which many unscrupulous purveyors translate into milligrams: 1 gram = 1,000 milligrams. That 1,000 sounds like a thousand times more; it is not, it is the same, yet it fools some people; or, for example, micrograms relating to micron. Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines micron as; one millionth part of. Now that sounds like even more. Why not say it like it is? Or perhaps micro relates more to microbes or possibly tiny Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) or spores. Misleading dialog, to further their own agenda, or don’t they know the facts, or the TRUTH?

FACT: Statements such as, “it is the total amount of more ozone that counts,” are made by those people who, obviously, have NO EXPERIENCE in the application of ozone for treating Indoor Air Pollution and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s.) Unfortunately, we have witnessed severe damage at below 10 PPM concentration in certain situations and applications.

FACT: The private consumer is not told that the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure can effect the production, efficiency, and effectiveness of ozone. Many times, to increase the effectiveness of ozone, the temperature and/or humidity must be changed.

In fact, our experience in Saudi Arabia was a very complex eye opener due to the varied environment, building construction materials, climate controls, (some structures air conditioned others not.) On the other hand, in the Yukon area of Canada, we had the extreme opposite. The problem was handled with efficiency.

FACT: Another item that is not talked about is that it is not only the amount of ozone but the quality of the ozone. In other words - CLEAN MEDALLION OZONE!

FACT: Medallion Ozone Generators are housed in #304-#4 stainless steel cabinets. This is a number of stainless steel alloys used for surgical stainless steel applications. Medallion’s cabinets have a fine, long grain finish in the stainless steel on the inside of the cabinets to enhance the overall performance of the generators.

FACT: Unconditional Warranties; Medallion Ozone Generators are warranted for 5 years (excluding broken lamps due to mishandling.) Ask any of our Partners how many lamps they have had to replace out of thousands of generators manufactured, sold and in service. In fact, we have hundreds of Medallion Ozone Generators with over 5 years of service that are still running strong.

FACT: All Medallion multi-lamp generators are designed to function well; even if a lamp were to fail, the balance of the lamps remain in operation. Lamp failures are less than 10 lamps per year in our overall operations; lamp breakage due to mishandling, throwing, and abuse of machines is less than 30 lamps per year. Again, ask any of our Partners to share their experience with these lamps, along with overall dependability and reliability of the equipment.

FACT: Medallion Ozone Generators are approved and listed by Intertek Testing Services known worldwide and recognized by the US, Canada, Foreign Governments, and also manufacturers including: Amway Corporation, Best Products Co., Inc., JC Penney, Montgomery Ward, SAM’s Club, Sears, Roebuck and Company, Service Merchandise, ShopKo Stores, Inc., Target, F.W. Woolworth Company, Apple Computer, AT&T, Conair Corp, Dell Computer, Eastman Kodak, Electrolux, Ericsson, General Electric, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Radio Shack, and many more.


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